Long Live Summer: White Floral Dress

    July 2016

    Whew, it’s been a whirlwind, guys. My day job (I’m a senior account executive at a Columbus-based PR firm) has been absolutely insane lately. And don’t get me wrong, being busy at work is a good thing. I’ve been slow before and it didn’t end well.

    How are things for you? I feel like it’s been awhile since I’ve checked in with you last.

    It’s a bit surreal to think September starts tomorrow. This is so cliche to say, but summer seriously flew by. As it always does. It’s funny how winter seems to last forever, though. Especially if you live in the Midwest. But, we’ll worry about that beast of a season when the time comes. I’m definitely not reaching for the blanket scarves and sweaters just yet. In the meantime, I’ve still got summer on the brain.

    And summer means sundresses. This floral dress is comfortable, affordable and just plain fun to wear. It’s sweet and a little bit sexy — I absolutely love the cut out and the tie front.

    I paired it with a fedora, my trusty Topshop sandals (I’ve literally worn these almost every day this summer) and olive green bucket bag, which compliments the green leaves on the dress.

    Summer, I hope you stay forever. Xo




    Here to Disrupt LLC: The Group That’s Disrupting the Culinary Scene (In The Best Way)

    Here to Disrupt

    This past Sunday, I had the opportunity, along with eight other bloggers and social media influencers, to attend the most insane rooftop brunch of all time, co-hosted by Here to Disrupt and Kaufman Development. We gathered around a Pinterest-worthy table and enjoyed boozy drinks, sweet treats and savory dishes. It was an experience I will remember for a very long time. Seriously, I didn’t feel cool enough. I still don’t. But, I do have the photos to prove I was there, so maybe that will up my blog cred by a few points.

    If you haven’t heard of Here to Disrupt, I can guarantee you’ll be seeing a lot from them in the near future. They are a group of passionate, creative individuals who are changing the culinary scene in Columbus, one pop-up event at a time. The events are held at restaurants and nontraditional locations and venues, with the goal to showcase sous chefs from across Ohio. And let me tell you, these people are talented.

    Here to Disrupt 4This particular event celebrated the pastry, and as a girl who loves her sweets, I was fully on board. Dishes were prepared by pastry chefs, Aaron Clouse (pastry chef for LBRANDS/owner of Cakes by Aaron), Andrew Worth (owner of WORTH) and Amanda Erckert (owner of Tablspoon). The sweet treats ranged from a German berlinger filled with lingonberry jam, to sweet corn fritters and Greek loukoumades with toasted walnuts and honey. The savory menu option was a quiche stuffed with shitake mushrooms and emmental cheese, with a side of asparagus.

    And to top everything off, we had the opportunity to try a more savory dessert, Bloody Mary sorbet with orange sponge cake, vodka soda and grilled shrimp. The flavors were so unexpected, but worked so well together. The way I think about dessert forever changed the moment I took a bite of that salty and savory sorbet. It was UNREAL.

    HTDHere to Disrupt 2Derek Reno of The Reno Reserve kept the drinks coming. Because everyone knows a good brunch usually involves alcohol. Extra props to the bartender when your glasses look like this.

    DSC_1315Here to Disrupt 3 Here to Disrupt 6 Here to Disrupt 7

    Here to Disrupt 8

    I was so honored to be a part of this event. The food was sweet, and the company was sweeter. I can’t wait to see what these guys do next.


    The Summer Drink You Need to Make ASAP

    Karate Cowboy 2

    Fall might be right around the corner, but for now, the heat index and my lifeless hair say otherwise. On days when it’s hotter than hot, all I can think about is getting my hands on something cool and refreshing. You, too? Well then, you’re in luck! Happy hour is starting early and today’s special is the Ginger Mint Pineapple Margarita. It’s sweet and spicy and so good, you’ll wonder how you ever did Taco Tuesday without it. Now, the important question: salt on the rim or sugar?

    Karate Cowboy 4

    My friend Max introduced me recently to Karate Cowboy, a white whiskey infused with sake. I realize this sounds like an interesting combination, and that’s because it is. But it works. Instead of the traditional margarita made with tequila, the Ginger Mint Pineapple margarita is made with Karate Cowboy’s Ginger Mint flavor — a refreshing combination of crisp ginger and cooling mint. The ginger, mint, lime and pineapple juices blend effortlessly together like one big happy boozy family. The flavor explosion is so good, I’d like to see you try to stop at one.

    Here’s how to make this delicious summer drink at home:

    Ginger Mint Pineapple Margarita

    • 2 oz Ginger Mint Karate Cowboy
    • 1/2 oz key lime juice
    • Top with pineapple juice
    • Serve over ice
    • Coat rim with sugar or salt (optional)

    Karate Cowboy

    Karate Cowboy is the brain child of Columbus, Ohio-based Revolution Experiment. It’s basically brand new to the spirits market, and I have a feeling it’s going to be Fireball huge. If you live in Ohio, you can find Karate Cowboy at various bars and liquor stores across the state. Visit their website to find a location near you.


    On Turning 26


    Today is my birthday. Today, I’m 26.

    Originally, I planned to write one of those “26 things I’ve learned in 26 years” type posts. But, where do I even begin? I’ve been alive for 26 years, so you’d think I’d have more than a few things to say. Some days I feel like an adult. I do adult things like pay bills, buy laundry detergent and work in an office. But, in many ways, I’m still that same kid, curious and wildly immature and constantly learning as I go.

    In the past year, I lost my job, moved to a new city and moved in with the guy I love. I learned how to deal with comparison and to not feel so guilty all the damn time.

    There’s so much I want to accomplish this year, and my goals are to push myself to think bigger, color outside the lines and not be so afraid to take risks. This is going to be a big year, I can feel it.

    I really want to thank you so much for following my blog, whether you have for awhile or if you happened to stumble upon it today. That is a true birthday gift.

    Cheers to 26!

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    Weekend Mornings at Stauf’s Coffee Roasters


    Would you say you’re a “routine person?” I never thought I was. But, when it comes to my weekends, they usually involve the same thing, every time: a ridiculously obscene amount of coffee. There’s something pretty special about the ritual of having that first cup. I love to roll out of bed on a Saturday or Sunday morning (after sleeping in until at least 10 a.m.) and walk to Stauf’s, a coffee shop a couple blocks from my apartment. It’s the perfect place to post up, sip on a latte, and nom on something sweet.

    The patio out back is my all-time favorite. It’s tucked away under trees and umbrellas, making it ideal to retreat to, especially if you’re looking a little rough from the night before (check). Because let’s be real, we’ve all been there. Stauf's Coffee |

    Stauf's Coffee |

    Stauf's Coffee |

    Seriously, how good does that strawberry scone look? Don’t you just want to snatch it off the plate? Also, the barista I talked to told me she makes a mean Cortado. I didn’t know what that was at the time (disclaimer, still don’t), but according to Wikipedia, it’s espresso “cut” with a small amount of warm milk to reduce the acidity. Who knew? After downing it in under five minutes, I’d have to agree with her. It was good.

    Stauf's Coffee |

    Stauf's Coffee |

    Stauf's Coffee |

    Stauf's Coffee |

    Stauf's Coffee |

    Now, let’s talk a bit about this outfit. I’m not allowed to wear jeans during the week, so on weekends, I take full advantage and wear them all day, errrr day. Flares are my jam lately. As much as I love my skinnies, flared jeans really are flattering on everyone, and help to accentuate your curves. I snagged a pair the other day from Old Navy (PSA: they are on sale for $20!) and I’ve literally worn them every night since.


    Stauf's Coffee |

    I hope you have a great weekend!


    Into the Woods: Fall Style for Him and Her

    Natalie and Fritz

    I posted a couple of these pictures on Instagram and I received a few texts from friends congratulating us on the engagement. Full disclaimer, we’re NOT engaged! But, when your super talented photographer friend asks you and your boyfriend to model for pictures, you definitely don’t say no. Especially when the majority of the pictures you have over the course of your relationship involve the same side hug pose (and maybe a solo cup here and there because #college).

    The second photo was taken right after the first. We were both laughing uncontrollably because it was 95-degrees, I was sweating profusely, and he had to kiss my forehead for a full 12 seconds. Not cute. But, these pictures are so authentically us. We rarely take ourselves seriously, and I think that’s so important. 236A0954

    And speaking of not taking ourselves seriously, we didn’t exactly coordinate our outfits for this shoot. Instead, we decided to go with the flow and reach for what we would normally wear on any given day.

    I bought this floral maxi dress at Abercrombie & Fitch last summer on sale, and I absolutely love it. It’s flowy and feminine, and I’ve worn it too many times to count. A floral maxi dress is incredibly versatile, and works just as well for spring and summer as it does for fall. Simply throw on a denim or leather jacket, trade your sandals for ankle boots, and you’re good to go.



    Now, onto this guy. Fritz is definitely a button down fan. And I love this one on him, mainly because I’ll never say no to gingham. He also accessorizes better than I do…I mean, look at the arm party he’s got going on. Impressive, right? I also love how he added brown dress shoes to round out the look. That is a major key.


    236A0976 236A1031 236A1104 236A1126 236A1154 236A1197 236A1220 236A1191 236A1140

    Thank you so much to Sydney Marie Photography for these photos. We love them!


    Celebrating Home with Clothe Ohio


    Home is where the heart is. You’ve heard that saying a million times, right? It’s a place where you can enjoy a bottomless bowl of pasta with a side of grandma’s warm hugs. Home is comfortable and familiar. It’s nostalgic. It’s where your parents love to tell embarrassing stories to your boyfriend over dinner. Home is filled with the people you care most about in this world.

    Sure, I dream about what life would be like on the West Coast — taking daily walks along sun soaked boardwalks, breathing in the salty air. Whenever I spend a long weekend in New York City, I stare at tall apartment buildings, wondering what it would be like to walk through their doors every day.

    California is laid-back.

    New York is electric.

    But, Ohio is home.

    Celebrating Home with Clothe Ohio |

    I wrote about Clothe Ohio awhile back, when I was still living in Cincinnati (you can check out the post here). They’re amazing, guys. If you haven’t heard of them yet, I’ll give you the low-down. Clothe Ohio is a local company that produces fashionable Ohio apparel for both men and women (Fritz looooves his sweatshirt). What I love most about the company — aside from its vast selection of t-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts and accessories — is that for every item you purchase, the Clothe Ohio team donates clothing to an Ohioan in need. Pretty great, right?

    Take a peek at what they’ve got, and share your favorites with me in the comments! I’d love to know the ways you celebrate home, too :)
    Celebrating Home with Clothe Ohio |

    Get Fritz’s super soft sweatshirt: $44 | Check out my tank (size up if you like a looser fit!): $28
    Celebrating Home with Clothe Ohio | NatalieWasHere.comCelebrating Home with Clothe Ohio |

    Photography by Sydney Marie Photography