spring fever

Living in Cincinnati has its perks, but winter is definitely not one of them. I go to work every morning looking like the Michelin Tire Man. Most days are gray, chillingly-cold and gloomy. The warmer months seem like a distant, foggy memory. It’s as if winter is here to stay. Permanently. See ya never, spring.

Sweaters, coats, scarves, gloves, hats…I loved you four months ago, but I’ve moved on. You make me feel trapped. I miss the freedom I used to feel in my spring and summer clothes. Shopping in a heavy coat and what feels like 10 lbs of layers…it’s a chore. The effort it takes to try something on? You can forget about it. And the static cling. Over it.

The brief stint of warm (I use this term loosely) weather we had Saturday left me yearning for sunny days ahead. I’m currently sitting in my favorite local coffee shop, sporting my over-sized, puffy coat, and daydreaming of the springy garments I wish I were wearing. Emerald green is a favorite of mine, as are most jewel tones. And nothing beats fun, bright accessories. Let the countdown to spring begin.

Picture 1

Top [River Island], Skirt [T by Alexander Wang], Shoes [Forever 21], Denim Jacket [Gap], Nail Polish [Essie, Fashion Playground], Earrings [Baublebar], Bracelet [Baublebar], Cross-body Bag [Coach]

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  • LOVE those shoes!

    xoxo navy & orange

    • I know, right?! Gotta love Forever 21. I wore them the other day…with snow on the ground. I’m pretty impatient.

  • Love everything here! I’ve been searching for the perfect denim jacket … unfortunately I have a little more time to find it, 10 inches of snow – straight ahead!