favorite trends for spring

Yesterday, we experienced the warmest weather we’ve had in what felt like years, and I couldn’t resist breaking out the heeled sandals. I’m impatient, I’ll admit it. Maybe I jumped the gun, considering today we’re supposed to get snow. Some things I’ll never understand.

Although it feels as though winter will never end, I’m feeling optimistic that spring is just around the corner. I’m beyond excited for bare toes, lighter days and outdoor happy hours (Neon’s, anyone?). And of course, the clothes. Here are some of my absolute favorite trends for the upcoming season: Picture 2 [Topshop, Kohl’s, PrettyGuide, FrontRowShop] Picture 3 [River Island, Stila, Make Me Chic, ASOS] Picture 4 [Gap, Ruche, Wallis, Topshop]Picture 5[Topshop, Topshop, Topshop, TopshopPicture 7 [Forever 21, bkr, Converse, J.Crew]

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