Apartment Inspo: The Bedroom

I’ve officially reimmersed myself in all things DIY, and have dust remnants all over me to prove it. I’ve shared with you my living room and kitchen inspiration, but sadly, I’ve neglected the most important space in my apartment: my bedroom. Since graduating college, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of a good night’s sleep. Because sleep is everything.

I’d love to tell you guys that my room is perfectly spotless, like something out of ELLE Decor. But to be completely honest, my bed is unmade, there’s a pile of clothes on the floor (and my bed), dresser drawers are open, and my entire shoe collection decided it would rather be on the floor than in the closet where it belongs. And if we’re being really honest, there’s also a sad, dying plant hunched over in the corner. So there’s that. Even it thinks my room needs some help.

Instead of staring at my room in its current state of disaray, I took my efforts to the internet to find some inspiration. Without further ado, here are some of the lovely rooms that have inspired me to fold my clothes, close my dresser drawers and make my bed every morning: bedroom2

[In love with the rustic mirror in this space.]


[How fun is the neon washi tape frame?]


[String lights and a rustic ladder = perfection.]


[This plant is alive for obvious reasons. This setup is awesome.]


[This space is so open and bright with loads of natural light.]


[Perfect color pallet and mix of patterns]


[I’ll take all of the pillows, please.]


[Only if it comes with the dog.]

P.S. – I’m currently working on a project that involves two pieces of thrift store furniture, paint, a screw driver and an electric sander. I’ll be working on that this week/weekend and can’t wait to show you the finished product. Stay tuned!

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