DIY to Try: Jeweled Beanie

DSC_1641_edited4I’ve had this little project planned for months. But before I knew it, it was March and I figured it was too late to talk about beanies. Then it snowed and I remembered that winter is stubborn and won’t go away just yet.

beanie_edited copy

I’ve had my eye on jeweled beanies all season (love this one), and wanted to try designing my own version — because why not? The project was pretty simple overall, and requires just a bit of time (hand stitching takes patience and serious finger strength). Scroll below to see how you can make your own in a few easy steps!

Full disclosure: I’m currently writing this post in Florida wearing shorts and a tank top. But don’t worry, the beanie will be in full force when I get back to Ohio. 

Supplies needed:

suppliesBeanie | Gemstones | Needle & Thread | E6000 Adhesive

Step 1: Arrange gemstones on the beanie. I’d recommend taking a picture of the design with your phone or camera to use as a reference.

arrange gemstonesStep 2: Using a small dab of super glue, adhere the gemstones to the beanie.

photo (1)Step 3: Hand stitch the gemstones to the beanie to keep them secure.

stitchStep 4: Wear!

finishedHappy DIYing!

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