Frameri Makes Glasses Cool

DSC_2027_edited[Glasses: Frameri, Magellan in “Cheetah” from the Tidal Collection c/o | Jacket: Target (similar) | Shirt: Target (similar)]

Four eyes. Coke bottles. Nerd. Grade school was rough if you wore glasses. It was bad enough that I was socially awkward already and rocked some seriously crooked bangs. But I still remember when I realized I needed them. I was in the seventh grade and I sat at the back of Ms. Schmidt’s science class. I always squinted when she presented the notes for the day, and borrowed my friend Emily’s glasses just to get by (we magically wore the same prescription).

DSC_2006_editedFast forward to high school and suddenly everyone wanted glasses. Even girls who didn’t wear glasses bought frames to make it look like they wore glasses. Glasses were an overnight sensation. They were actually cool.

And if there’s one company who knows cool eyewear, it’s Frameri. Not only are their frame options sleek and sophisticated — but the lenses are completely customizable. I can simply pop out my current optical lenses and replace my frames with sun lenses if I want to. It’s seriously that easy!

We took everything we love about glasses, kept it, and threw out all the rest. No more changing frames every time your prescription changes or overpaying for glasses. Quality lenses you can buy when you need them, and beautifully crafted frames whenever you want to add them to your collection.

framWant to try Frameri for yourself? Head to their site, browse the selection and pick the ones you love (believe me, there will be more than one). AND Save $50 on your first order! Happy shopping :)

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