Travel Diary: A Long Weekend in Las Vegas in iPhone Photos

Because In-N-Out is a must on any West Coast adventure.Las Vegas Travel Diary |

My friends and I were invited to a wedding in Las Vegas (congrats, Brock and Jenna!), so naturally, we decided to make a long weekend out of the trip. Before I went, people warned me three days would feel more like three weeks. And if you’ve been to Vegas before, then you know three days really does feel like three weeks — maybe four. Vegas is completely overwhelming and visually stimulating (Lights! Casinos! Drinks! Clubs!), but in the very best way.

We stayed at Mandalay Bay, and each hotel we explored was more extravagant then the next. The casinos (usually located on the ground floor of the hotels) were packed to the gills. Yep, even on a Thursday afternoon.

There were bright lights and crowds of people. Nightclubs were like something out of a movie. Drinks were at least $15, and even though I’m not a gambler, I couldn’t help but wonder how amazing it would have been to win the $10.1 million jackpot. Seriously, though…
Las Vegas Travel Diary |

Oh, and we walked. A lot. Like, 20,000 steps daily, a lot. If you go to Vegas, listen to the people who tell you to pack comfortable shoes. Because if I’m being honest, even though I wore my Puma sneakers every day, my dogs were barking. Big time.

If you are planning on going to Vegas in the near future, here are some of the things I’d recommend adding to your to-do list.

The Linq High Roller

The Linq High Roller is the largest observation wheel in the world. It’s located smack-dab in the middle of the Strip, across the street from Caesars Palace. This is where things get fun…for just $50, you and your friends have access to a pod on the observation wheel that comes complete with its own little bar. It’s own little open bar. If you’re lucky, you won’t have to share the pod with complete strangers.

We took in the beautiful views of the city from the very top, while Orlando, our amazing bartender from San Diego, made us shots with names that aren’t appropriate for this corner of the web. But they were DELISH. Thanks, Orlando.

Visit Fremont Street

Fremont Street is a 5-block area in historic downtown Las Vegas. It feels old, but that’s what gives it its charm. Bars sell drink cups that come in all shapes — from leg lamps to cowboy boots, casinos smell like stale cigarettes, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see a man in a bikini or g-string thong. This place is gritty and a bit tacky, and that’s why it’s a must.

Zip Line Over Crowds of People

Why walk Fremont Street when you can glide over it? The Slotzilla Zipline is the perfect activity. Regulars we talked to told us to ride it at night because that’s when everything lights up. They also said to splurge and pay $40 for the express line. FYI if you’re considering between the two.

See a Show

We didn’t have enough time to see a show, and to be honest, most of us didn’t have enough money either. But, if you have the chance, there are always so many good ones. It’s hard to go wrong. Um, hellooooooo! Britney Spears?

Check out the Hotels

Wander around New York New York (and maybe even pay for a $30 rollercoaster ride). Sip on martinis and take in the views at the Foundation Room. Order the Verbena at the Cosmopolitan’s Chandelier Bar (it’s a drink that literally alters your tastebuds). Hit up the shops near Caesars Palace. Admire the beautiful lobby in the Bellagio. Take a gondola ride at the Venetian…

Seriously, I could go on and on about every hotel on the Strip. They are all so beautiful, it’s insane.

Admire the Bellagio Fountains

Remember the classic scene in Oceans 11? The one where George Clooney and his gang stand overlooking the Bellagio Fountains? Well, yes, they are just like the movie. Touristy and cliche, of course. But what part of Vegas isn’t?

The Crew before the wedding. Meet Alex, Max, Kari, Danny, (you know me) and Fritz.


Las Vegas Travel Diary |


Las Vegas Travel Diary |

Have you been to Vegas before? If so, what are some of your favorite things to do in the city?

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