Tips for Making Your New House Feel More Like Home

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit M/I Homes’ beautiful model home in the new Minerva Park community in Westerville. This house, guys. I could easily see why people would want to live in it. The interior was charming and inviting. I mean, as far as décor goes, Mary Cook and her team knocked this one out of the park. I made a few mental notes for the sake of this blog post.

Because even though the house is brand spankin’ new, it felt like the kind of home that had been lived in for years. And I mean that in the very best way. There was character and personality, which is sometimes hard to visualize when you’re staring at four blank walls.

It’s funny thinking back to the first night in our apartment. I remember staring at the ceiling, listening to all the strange new sounds. It definitely didn’t feel like “home.” And, how could it? It was this unfamiliar place I found on Craigslist. It wasn’t lived in just yet.

If you’ve ever moved before, I’m sure you know the feeling. It can take awhile before a new space feels like home. Luckily, you can speed up the process with a few quick tips.

Host a House Warming Party

Invite friends and family over after you move in. Inviting those you love into a new space helps it feel more like you almost instantly. And, it gives you the excuse to create some fun memories in the process.

Incorporate Personal Details

You may not have time (or the funds) to tackle all of your projects right away, but incorporating personal details into your décor can help a space feel more like you. I absolutely loved how M/I Homes’ interior designer sprinkled personal touches throughout each room, especially the spare bedrooms. Each room had its own personality, while still maintaining a cohesive feel.

Choose Your Paint Colors Wisely

A neutral color is great for the family and dining rooms, while shades of blue are perfect for the bedroom. Color can affect your mood, so choose your paint colors wisely. This home incorporated shades of gray, blue and gold throughout for a look that was warm and welcoming.

Meet Your Neighbors

Take the time to introduce yourself to your neighbors. This helps to foster a sense of community, and as an added bonus, you could make some new friends. M/I Homes’ new community in Minerva Park will be home to 250 new houses, so there’s plenty of opportunity to get to know those around you.

Have you moved recently? What are some of your tips for feeling more at home in a new space?

Pricing for homes in the new Minerva Park community range from $212,900 – $249,900. To learn more about the community, click here. And to learn more about your home style, take this fun quiz!

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