My New Favorite Dress

Hi! Happy Monday. Did you have a good weekend?

I spent Thursday through Sunday in California, celebrating my friend Annie’s last month as a “single” (well, legally anyway) lady! I’d been looking forward to this past weekend since January, and it did not disappoint. The Bay Area is my favorite area in the entire world (so far!), and every time I go back, I just can’t get over how amazing it is. The restaurants, the views, the city life.

We drove to Sonoma and spent the rest of the weekend there. It’s definitely a trip I won’t be forgetting any time soon. Everything was just perfect — between the sunshine, the wineries, the house we stayed in and the company. I’ll be sharing pictures on the blog this week, so stay tuned!
Alright, let’s talk about this dress for a second. My sister’s friend posted a picture of it on her Instagram and I had to know where it was from (not creepy at all, I swear). I just love everything about it — the print, the low cut neckline, the POCKETS. It has pockets, guys. Who doesn’t love a dress with pockets?

I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more of this dress once the temps rise.


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