This Ohio-Based Jewelry Brand Will Become Your New Favorite (+ A GIVEAWAY!)

Jewelry is art, and when it looks like this, it’s definitely going to get noticed. Finola is a Cincinnati-based jewelry company founded by girl boss Veronica Bucher. Not only is her jewelry absolutely stunning, but it’s on-trend and 100% wearable for every day, too. Instead of mass producing pieces in a factory, Veronica carefully crafts all of her pretty pieces by hand, using only high quality materials. Yeah, she’s pretty impressive.

Her passion for jewelry making began right before high school, when she spent time working at a local bead store.

“I was there for about eight years. I continued making jewelry through college, and only attended one semester because I decided to pursue making jewelry full-time. I started Finola in October of 2016 because of my crazy passion for designing and making jewelry. I didn’t have any capital or investors, just my old trusty supplies and a few solid designs.”

The majority of Finola designs are made with hypoallergenic 14k-gold-filled materials. Take a look at these amazing pieces (they’re a few of my favorites):

1. Celeste // 2. Scarlett // 3. Elsie // 4. Della

Now, for the fun giveaway part…

Pop on over to this post on my Instagram for a chance to win these pretty Isabella tassel earrings! I have them and literally wear them all the time. They go with just about everything and are the perfect summer piece.

I’ll be announcing the winner tonight (7/14)  at 10 p.m.! GOOD LUCK!

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