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    Birthday (Jump)suit


    [Jumpsuit, Boutique in NYC | Shoes, Forever21 | Bag, Forever21 | Earrings, Tara Lea Smith via Curate Boutique | Rings, Charming Charlie ]

    I bought this jump suit on a whim last summer in New York City. I thought it was sophisticated, cool and so very “New York.” I studied it in the check out line and pictured myself wearing it to some cocktail party or fancy happy hour.

    And because I have yet to attend a cocktail party or fancy happy hour, my lonely jumpsuit hung untouched on a broken hanger in my closet for a year.

    And then, finally, after time in the dark, it had its moment. I turned 24. And as a 24-year-old, I wanted to wear something special. Something like a fierce black jumpsuit. I paired it with my highest heels, go-to bag and sparkly earrings for a night on the town.

    Jumpsuit, I’m so sorry I ever doubted you. You’re pretty fabulous.
    suit2 suit5 suit6 suit7


    Love for Neon that Just Won’t Quit

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    [Dress, American Eagle | Shoes, Old Navy | Bag, Francesca’s]

    I confessed to you all that I raided my sister’s closet (without her knowledge) and tried on all her clothes.

    After she left for the night, I slowly walked upstairs to her room and opened the closet door. And then, this happened. As soon as I opened the door, a bright light radiated off the clothes while angels sang in the background. No, not really, but how cool would that story have been?

    Looking through Nina’s clothes is like a kid tearing into a present on Christmas morning. A present that isn’t some homemade sweater with a bird knitted on it, but the hot new toy she’s been begging mom and dad for for months.

    I perused the selection at my fingertips, until something special caught my attention. This dress. This one right here. I’ve been dying to try on this little number ever since I spotted it in one of Nina’s pictures from her recent spring break trip. I love the open back, but my favorite part is the fun neon detailing (of course). This shouldn’t come as a surprise coming from a girl who spray painted one of her necklaces neon yellow. So, this dress paired with my neon sandals can only mean one thing…I have a love for neon that just won’t quit, guys.

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    Off the Shoulder

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    [Dress, Tobi | Shoes, Kohls | Earrings, Target]

    Well, I did it again. I raided my little sister’s closet (I just can’t help myself).  Why spend money when you have a sibling to borrow from?? And I know by making things public, I’m officially risking a major sibling feud, but don’t worry, Nina, I put everything back! You’d never even know I was there. Processed with VSCOcamMy mom pulled this dress from Nina’s closet and pleaded with me to try it on. It hung untouched and a bit neglected with the tags still attached. The flowy off-the-shoulder dress isn’t something I’d typically gravitate towards, but I thought, “what the heck, I’ll try it on.” It looked lonely in there anyway.

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    It has more of a boho vibe, don’t you think? I decided against wearing her floral crown, and threw on a metallic belt, earrings and wedges for a more dressed up look. All that’s missing here is tanned skin. Even though I’m almost 100% Italian, my Irish side won the battle on that one.

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    Happy Wednesday, all!


    Fun with Polka Dots

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    [Top, Nordstrom Rack | Skirt, The Pink Tulip Club | Shoes, Target | Bag, Coach]

    My sister and I wandered around downtown last week, and took quite a few (translation: too many) pictures along the way. Posing in public isn’t any less awkward than when I started, but I’m learning to channel the awkwardness into photos that are quintessentially me. And all I can tell you about myself is this: I’m a giant goofball who isn’t afraid to laugh at herself. Especially in public. Because that’s the point, right?

    Processed with VSCOcamAnd honestly, I think that’s why I love polka dots so much. Like me, they don’t take themselves too seriously, and are a fun addition to any outfit. This polka dot top made its debut on the blog in my very first outfit post. So it’s kind of a legend on this corner of the web. It’s a little on the cropped side, so I prefer to wear it with high-waisted skirts.

    And speaking of skirts, I picked up this gem from The Pink Tulip Club (another great local boutique) sometime last year and wore it religiously in the winter with tights and boots. It’s extremely versatile, which is everything a closet staple should be.Processed with VSCOcamSidenote, nothing pairs better with a breezy skirt and cropped top than an iced tea from Coffee Emporium. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I think in order to be a blogger, you need to pose with an iced beverage in hand. Also, one of these days I promise to actually be a grown adult and make my nails a priority. Excuse the chipped polish.
    Processed with VSCOcamHappy Monday! As always, thank you for reading. And if you’re feeling oh so inclined, pop on over to Out + Outfit today. Katie is a local blogger I had the opportunity to meet over lattes, delicious food and gorgeous pastries. She asked me to blog-sit for her while she’s on vacation this week, and I can’t thank her enough. You’ll just love her little web space. Her outfit pics are as flawless as she is fun.


    Goodwill Hunting: The Boyfriend Jeans

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    [Top, Forever21 | Jeans, Old Navy via Goodwill | Shoes, BCBG | bag, Forever21 | Bracelet, Target | Earrings, Target]

    Oh, boyfriend jeans. How I love you. My boyfriend on the other hand? He doesn’t understand you. He calls you “mom jeans.” And I know that hurts, because you are so not mom jeans. Not even close. Has he seen your high-waisted denim relatives? Exactly.

    But men hating on boyfriend jeans isn’t unusual. Maybe it’s because they’re made to look like we’re wearing their jeans. I’m not sure how I’d feel if my boyfriend said, “Hey, Natalie. What do you think of my new girlfriend jeans?” It would be weird. So, guys, I get it. Processed with VSCOcam

    But despite my boyfriend’s (and most guys’)  ill feelings toward boyfriend jeans, I can’t get enough of them. I stumbled upon this pair during one of my Goodwill trips, and decided the $6 price tag was well worth its weight in gold. I’d like to thank the woman who gave them up. I promise to take care of them (and maybe even give them a new look down the road).

    I dressed up my new (well, new to me) pair of jeans with a silky top, strappy heels and gold jewelry. Me and my boyfriend jeans? It’s going to be a great relationship.

    Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcamProcessed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam

    What do you think of the boyfriend jean trend? Do you prefer to dress them up or down?

    See how other women styled theirs in this article from Glamour Magazine. 

    Cincinnati, Fashion

    The “Boho-Chic” Girl’s Guide to Festival Wear

    You know how little sisters are notorious for borrowing their older sisters’ clothes? While that may ring true for most, in my life it’s exactly the opposite. There are probably five or more of Nina’s tops hanging in my closet (oops, the cat’s outta the bag!).

    But when you have a little sister who’s so stylish, it’s hard to keep your mitts off of her stuff. Whenever I spot a new shopping bag in the house, I make a b-line for the newly-purchased item and try it on immediately (she loves to hate me for this). I don’t know what I’ll do when I lose her to Miami University in a few weeks…Processed with VSCOcam

    [Top, Urban Outfitters | Shorts, via a boutique in NYC | Bag, Vintage (via our Nonna’s closet) | Sandals, Bakers | Bracelet, borrowed | Rings, Charming Charlie]

    Nina met me after work on Friday and we wandered to Lumenocity Village at Washington Park to browse the local vendors and do sisterly things. And guys, let me just say I’m so happy she finally agreed to make an appearance on the blog. It wasn’t easy getting her to commit, but cookies are the best form of bribery. Trust me. Especially when they’re made to look like cute puppies and mermaids. A special thanks to the BonBonerie for doing what you do best. This post couldn’t have been possible without

    After we scarfed down our cookies (I may have dropped a piece on the ground and ate it anyway, but I believe in the 5-second rule), I asked Nina to describe her style. She looked at me, laughed and said, “Natalie, it’s obviously boho-chic.”

    You’re not going to see her throwing up the peace sign in any of these photos, and she’s not wearing a floral crown, but she sure knocked it out of the park with her gold leaf earrings and gladiator sandals. So, without further ado, check out my stylish sister’s rendition of practical boho-chic festival wear, perfect for the remaining summer days.

    Processed with VSCOcamProcessed with VSCOcamProcessed with VSCOcamProcessed with VSCOcamProcessed with VSCOcam

    And of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without some blooper photos. Because in our lives, the goofy moments outweigh the posed ones, and I have plenty of photos on my phone to prove it. We’re clearly cut from the same weird cloth.Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam