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    This Ohio-Based Jewelry Brand Will Become Your New Favorite (+ A GIVEAWAY!)

    Jewelry is art, and when it looks like this, it’s definitely going to get noticed. Finola is a Cincinnati-based jewelry company founded by girl boss Veronica Bucher. Not only is her jewelry absolutely stunning, but it’s on-trend and 100% wearable for every day, too. Instead of mass producing pieces in a factory, Veronica carefully crafts all of her pretty pieces by hand, using only high quality materials. Yeah, she’s pretty impressive.

    Her passion for jewelry making began right before high school, when she spent time working at a local bead store.

    “I was there for about eight years. I continued making jewelry through college, and only attended one semester because I decided to pursue making jewelry full-time. I started Finola in October of 2016 because of my crazy passion for designing and making jewelry. I didn’t have any capital or investors, just my old trusty supplies and a few solid designs.”

    The majority of Finola designs are made with hypoallergenic 14k-gold-filled materials. Take a look at these amazing pieces (they’re a few of my favorites):

    1. Celeste // 2. Scarlett // 3. Elsie // 4. Della

    Now, for the fun giveaway part…

    Pop on over to this post on my Instagram for a chance to win these pretty Isabella tassel earrings! I have them and literally wear them all the time. They go with just about everything and are the perfect summer piece.

    I’ll be announcing the winner tonight (7/14)  at 10 p.m.! GOOD LUCK!


    My New Favorite Dress

    Hi! Happy Monday. Did you have a good weekend?

    I spent Thursday through Sunday in California, celebrating my friend Annie’s last month as a “single” (well, legally anyway) lady! I’d been looking forward to this past weekend since January, and it did not disappoint. The Bay Area is my favorite area in the entire world (so far!), and every time I go back, I just can’t get over how amazing it is. The restaurants, the views, the city life.

    We drove to Sonoma and spent the rest of the weekend there. It’s definitely a trip I won’t be forgetting any time soon. Everything was just perfect — between the sunshine, the wineries, the house we stayed in and the company. I’ll be sharing pictures on the blog this week, so stay tuned!
    Alright, let’s talk about this dress for a second. My sister’s friend posted a picture of it on her Instagram and I had to know where it was from (not creepy at all, I swear). I just love everything about it — the print, the low cut neckline, the POCKETS. It has pockets, guys. Who doesn’t love a dress with pockets?

    I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more of this dress once the temps rise.


    Fashion, Travel

    Weekdays at New General

    Nothing beats working from a coffee shop. It’s not something I get to do often, but this week was a different story. I was in Orlando Sunday through Thursday afternoon for my job, and while I was there, I looked for every opportunity in the world to work outside (the weather was amazing). Coffee shops all day, every day.

    One of my newly discovered favorites is New General in Winter Park. It’s the cutest, Insta-worthy spot. And if you’ve heard of Kinfolk Magazine, this place is basically Kinfolk IRL. Not only do they serve up the most beautiful toast you’ve ever seen (see below), but they also have a wide selection of minimalist-approved home goods, clothing, greeting cards and cute gifts. It’s a dream.

    My friend Sydney (New General regular, talented photographer and all around cool person) met me there and we both used the time to knock out items on our to-do lists, snap a few pics and sip on some coffee.

    Until next time, FL. <3


    I hope you’re having a great week! Thanks for stopping by :)

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    Photography by Sydney Marie Photography

    Fashion, Real Life

    Brunch at Hotel Covington with Hannah Breidinger

    I hung out with Hannah (lead photographer and owner of Hearts and Color Co.) a couple weekends ago and it was the best. If you don’t know her or haven’t seen her work, you definitely should look her up, stat. All of the images she produces are stunning (think deep, moody, romantic and full of emotion), and she is just as sweet as she is talented. I’m so happy we had the chance to meet IRL, and I’m looking forward to many more photo adventures to come! Shout out to Instagram for bringing us together.

    We met at Hotel Covington for brunch, talked about photography and took turns in front of and behind the camera.

    The hotel lobby was the perfect backdrop — it’s a gorgeous space. It’s bright, open and inviting with a modern contemporary vibe. If you’re in the Cincinnati area or plan to take a trip there in the future, I’d highly recommend making a pit stop, even if it’s for brunch, lunch or dinner. The food is amazing. I’ve heard the drinks are, too.

    Sweater: H&M | Jeans: Banana Republic | Boots: Target | Rings: American Eagle | Hat: Forever 21


    Spring Style with A&F: Two Looks for the Upcoming Season

    Military Twill Vest | White Eyelet Dress | Bandana

    Spring is so close, guys. So close. Soon we’ll all be packing away our sweaters and boots in favor of warmer weather pieces. When it comes to shopping for the new season, I’ve turned to Abercrombie & Fitch (something I didn’t think I’d say after 8th grade). Why? Because a) I’m nostalgic and b) it’s SO GOOD now. Even better than the old days, if you can believe that (the prices are better, too!).

    I put together two spring appropriate looks with some of my favorite pieces from A&F, and I have a feeling I’ll be wearing everything on serious repeat when the temps rise.


    This dress is pretty on its own, but I love how it takes on a completely different vibe when paired with a military vest, ankle boots and bandana. That’s what I like to call versatility. Who says a feminine dress has to stay that way? Toughen it up a bit!


    Blouse | Skirt

    This blouse is my go-to for literally everything — work, weekend, date night. You name the place or activity, and chances are I’ve been there and worn this (I’m actually wearing it to work today, ha!). It’s my favorite Abercrombie find and it’s such a steal right now! I love the way it looks paired with this denim skirt and my favorite pair of over-the-knee boots.

    Thank you to Abercrombie & Fitch and RewardStyle for sponsoring this post. And thank YOU for supporting the brands that make Natalie Was Here a happenin’ place to be! 


    Wait Until You See the New Abercrombie & Fitch…

    Abercrombie is back, guys. In a big way, too.

    The new prototype store, located in Polaris Fashion Place (on the lower level near JCPenny) is bright, open, airy and inviting. Not exactly the Abercrombie you remember from years past. Forget feeling like you need a flash light to shop. Forget the overpowering cologne.

    It’s everything you’d look for in a shopping experience, but with a twist. Not only is the new layout easy to navigate – it’s modern, too. The dressing rooms are equipped with phone chargers and lighting you can dial up or down to fit your mood. With the click of a button, you can see what your outfit will look like in different environments, from direct sunlight to a night club. It’s actually the most awesome dressing room I’ve ever been in. Did I mention the phone chargers?

    Now, onto the clothing…(because it’s so good)

    I am obsessed. I had to hold myself back from buying everything, but I did pick up this dress, this vest (love how it looks over the dress!), these jeans, this sweater and this bandana. It was a successful trip to say the least (PSA: everything is 25% off online right now!).

    If you’re in the area, I’d highly recommend you swing by Polaris Fashion Place this weekend and check out the new store for yourself. This is the first A&F of its kind, but the company has plans to open more across the country if they receive good feedback (and I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t). I promise you won’t be disappointed!