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7 Ways to Make New Friends in your Twenties

I’m a contributor for Gen Twenty, and this post originally appeared on

Let’s face it – making new friends when you’re younger is relatively easy. For most of your childhood and adolescent life, you’re surrounded by people your own age. On the playground, in the classroom and at football…

On Turning 26

Today is my birthday. Today, I’m 26.

Originally, I planned to write one of those “26 things I’ve learned in 26 years” type posts. But, where do I even begin? I’ve been alive for 26 years, so you’d think I’d have more than a few things to say. Some days I feel…

Coffee Talk: The Comparison Game

Coffee Talk is a monthly series that dives headfirst into real life territory. Consider it like a deep conversation with a friend where nothing is off limits. Take a seat, grab your mug and let’s chat.

Today’s Coffee Talk topic is one that I’m sure you, your mom, your boss…

Weekly Wrap Up Vol. 18

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Here’s to taking it easy, sleeping in and celebrating the fact summer is almost here.
We’ll be heading up to Lake Erie for the first time this year and I’ve got roller coasters, boats and relaxation on the brain (follow along on Snapchat if you’d like! username:…