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    How to Hit the Gym On Your Lunch Break (When You Work in an Office)

    How to hit the gym on your lunch break (when you work in an office) |

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    Happy December! Can you believe 2017 is just a month away? It’s crazy how time flies. And speaking of a new year, my goal (along with the rest of America) is to get in shape. You know, actually make time for the gym. If you’re in the same boat, then today’s topic is for you!

    I am not a morning person. I’m also not really a “head to the gym after work” kind of person. This makes the chances of me working out at all pretty slim. And staying active is so important. Especially if you’re like me and living that #sedentarylifestyle. So, I made the decision to make exercising a priority. To do this and fit it into my daily routine, I went to the gym during my lunch break.

    If you’re a busy mom who wants to make time for her family and her career and herself, or a twenty-something like me who really values her extra hours of sleep in the morning and the occasional Netflix binge post-work, then listen up! Working out over your lunch break might be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Not only does it help break up the day, and get the blood pumping, but I find it really helps my brain recharge, so I can tackle the rest of the afternoon and avoid hitting the dreaded 3 p.m. slump.

    Are you thinking of giving the mid-day work out a try? Scroll below for some tried and true tips:


    1. Lay out your clothes the night before

    You absolutely have to plan ahead if you want to make this work. The night before, I’ll lay out my clothes for work and pack my gym bag with everything I’ll need so it’s easy to grab and go in the morning.

    2. Pack your lunch

    Because I’m given an hour for lunch, heading to the gym doesn’t leave any time for grabbing something on the way.

    3. Put it in your calendar

    Call me crazy, but I am less likely to blow something off when it’s on my calendar.


    Walk to the gym (3 minutes)

    The gym I go to is right up the street from my office, which is really convenient. If you don’t have a gym near you, grab a co-worker and go on a walk around the block. Or if you’re looking for something a little more intense, slip on your gym shoes and jog or run for 30-45 min. Every little bit helps!

    Change (2 minutes)

    When I get to the gym, I head to the locker room first to quickly change into my workout gear. I remove my makeup with my two all-time fave products, Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes and Simple’s Miceller Water (LOVE this stuff). Then, I’ll put on a killer playlist (I’m loving this one) and get ready to go.

    Get a solid HIIT workout in (30 minutes)

    Because my time at the gym is limited, I make the most of it by working out at a high intensity level for 30 minutes. This usually involves weights, squats, jump rope, etc. Tone It Up has some great workout routines that really help you squeeze in a solid workout, no matter how much (or little) time you have.

    Stretch (5 minutes)

    Once my 30 min are up, I’ll grab a mat to do some ab exercises and stretch for about five minutes.

    Shower (3 minutes)

    I’ll hit the shower for a quick 3-minute rinse. I wash my hair the night before, so I don’t have to at the gym. This used to weird me out, but trust me, dry shampoo is a life saver.

    Get dressed, apply makeup (10 minutes)

    This step is pretty self explanatory. I keep my makeup routine as simple as possible so it’s quick and easy. Scroll below to see what’s in my makeup bag.

    Head back to the office (3 minutes)

    After my afternoon workouts, I always feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the afternoon!


    This is not your standard makeup bag. Working out should be hard, but applying your makeup after your workout doesn’t have to be. My gym makeup bag is filled with simple, multi-tasking products that help me feel refreshed, but not overdone. Here’s some of the products I can’t live without.


    Real Life

    3 Easy Ways to Declutter your Home

    After living in a mess of an apartment with clothes I never wear thrown all over my bedroom floor, I decided it was time to do something about it. When there is literal clutter in my apartment there is clutter in my brain. I feel frazzled, disorganized and on-edge almost daily. Are you nodding in agreement on your side of the screen? I thought so.

    From now on, I want to be more mindful about the things I buy, and donate and sell the clothes and items I no longer wear or use. Because the thought of living with less is liberating.

    If you’re taking steps to change your ways, I’d love to hear what works for you! In the meantime, here are a few things to try out this month…

    Challenge Yourself to a No Shopping Month

    236A2018I’m currently challenging myself to a no shopping month. Sounds scary, right? I promise you though, it’s not so bad! For one month, I won’t buy any clothing, jewelry or shoes (especially shoes). Because I don’t know about you, but a trip to Target for bananas almost always ends with a pair of sandals, a new top, a bathing suit and a few new lipsticks.

    Do I really 100% love everything I end up buying? Not always. Sometimes I’ll buy something because it’s cute, but then it sits in my closet for months. And those lipsticks…I might as well open my own beauty shop because my collection has gotten just a smidge bit out of control.

    Sell and/or Donate Clothes You Don’t Wear

    Clear the Clutter - Natalie Was Here

    I filled three bins (THREE, GIANT BINS) with clothes that show signs of wear, or haven’t been worn at all. Have you heard of Poshmark? It’s an app that allows you to easily upload items you’re trying to sell, and shop other people’s closets at the same time (dowload the app and enter code “PVDWF” for $10 to use on your first purchase!).

    When someone bids on one of your items and you accept, Poshmark emails you a pre-paid shipping label, so all you have to do is box up your item, slap on the label and drop your package off at your local post office. It seriously couldn’t be easier. I’ve made a little over $200 since I downloaded the app, and I love the feeling of giving the things I no longer wear a new home (the extra cash is pretty nice, too). *Full Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored by Poshmark. I just really, really love the app and had to tell you guys about it.

    Fill One Trash Bag Each Day for a Week and Donate


    My mom told me about this tip, and it’s genius. Fill one trash bag or box each day with clothing and other items you no longer wear or use. At the end of the week, drop your bags off at your local thrift store or charitable organization. You’d be amazed by how many things you accumulate, even if you live by yourself (moving made me realize this). I did one round of this a few weeks back and felt so much better (not to mention lighter!) afterwards. Slowly making progress, guys.

    What are some tips that help you organize and declutter your space?